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Breeze Designer

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Breeze 3D Converter

Breeze Conveter Breeze 3D Converter is an application that can view and translate between several 3D file formats including 3D Studio, POV-Ray, RenderMan and VRML. 3D previews are provided using OpenGL. Breeze Converter implements a plug-in architecture similar to Breeze Designer which allows 3rd party import and export extensions to be used with the main program.

This release is an early beta and will be updated periodically.

Screen Shot

Breeze Conveter
Original Bee model by Adam Silverthorne

Supported formats

FormatFile ExtensionReadWriteComment
3D Studio3dsX--
Breeze DesignercadXX-
POV-Ray V2pov-X-
POV-Ray V3pov-X-
VRML 1.0wrl-X-
VRML 2.0wrl,vrml-X-

The latest information on Breeze Converter may be found at the Imagos Consulting site and downloaded from for the Intel version or for the PowerPC version.

The BeOS version of Breeze Converter may also be found on the Be Inc. FTP server at

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