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Breeze Designer

3D Modeler and Design
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Breeze Designer Installation

This section covers manually installing Breeze Designer. If you download the latest build you can manually install Breeze Designer. The latest build will run under Microsoft Windows 10.

Download the installation zip file from the download page. The latest build is in the development section.

Unzip the zip file contents, within the contained /dev directory, into a suitable local directory.

The development package includes the following files:

  • Breeze20.exe
  • Bdcore.dll
  • bmrt.inf
  • breeze.inf
  • breeze.tex
  • changes.txt
  • freeglut.dll
  • iv32.dll
  • PiTools.dll
  • ply.inf
  • pov20.inf
  • pov30.inf
  • pov30e.inf
  • pov30w.inf
  • read1st.txt
  • readme.doc
  • Render.dll
  • Tips.doc
  • vrml.inf

The first time you run Breeze Designer it will display a warming about a missing configuration file and then create a default "Breeze.cfg" file.

If you plan to use the Breeze Designer API through the COM interface, you will need to run Breeze Designer once As Administrator. This will initialise the COM interface.

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