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Breeze Designer

3D Modeler and Design
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Welcome to the Breeze Designer site...

Nao Robot

This site is dedicated to the Breeze Designer 3D modelling and design tool!

Breeze Designer is a free 3D modelling and design tool for Microsoft Windows. The program has been written to primarily interface with the Persistance of Vision raytracer (POV-Ray version 2.0 & 3.0), there is also support to export to a number of other popular renderers including Pixars's RenderMan®, VRML viewers and Microsoft Silverlight.

If you find Breeze Designer useful or have any feature requests or comments, send them in.

For those intrested there is a copy of the latest build (2019) within the development download. This version, which will run under Windows 10, requires the MFC version 14 runtime to be installed.


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